Classic or Acne Facial

Deep cleanse, steam, extractions, exfoliating enzymes, serum, appropriate moisturizer with an arm and hand massage. For the Acne facial all of the above apply plus, medical grade Salicylic acid, self-heating Mineral Mask, purifying serum and appropriate moisturizer.

$95.00/ 45 mins

Spa Facial

Enjoy a customized, deeply relaxing and soul soothing experience. Starting with a deep cleanse, followed with an enzyme mask that works with warm steam to renew the skin, extractions, facial massage and a nourishing Seaweed Mask. Included is a healing massage with warm vegan lotion for upper back, neck, arms/hands, and feet to transport you to a place of complete well-being and peacefulness.

$140/ 75 mins

Red Carpet Treatment

Includes everything described in the Spa Facial, but utilizes a warm Wax Mask (a heated wax filled with natural botanicals from the sea) to seal in essential moisture and hydration. Red carpet ready!

$140.00/ 90 mins

Detoxifying Ocean

This treatment is the complete Spa Facial but adds a warm, bubbling active mud mask applied along the spine that pulls toxins from the body during the facial.

$150.00/ 90 mins

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