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A licensed cosmetologist for 26 years, Lori-Anne was born and raised in Redondo Beach, CA. Once licensed, she quickly moved from styling hair to providing makeup services, and that’s when her passion for skincare really took off. Working for a large cosmetics company managing a territory in Los Angeles, Lori-Anne delved into product ingredients, learning what truly made one skincare line more effective from another. She then moved to Arizona where she worked for prominent Doctors in Scottsdale and focused entirely on aesthetics before opening her own skincare practice, Lori-Anne Aesthetics.

She has helped countless clients achieve the skin of their dreams, yet Lori-Anne always had a dream too: To offer an advanced skincare line of her own, one that contained the active ingredients that produced noticeable changes, felt luxurious and stayed true to her other passion of helping animals. So she set out to create a cutting-edge anti-aging skincare line that helped raise awareness of animal rights by focusing on plant-based ingredients and non-animal testing practices, and giving back to the charities she believes in who do so much to help animals.

When Lori-Anne asked her clients about animal testing and the products they use, they weren’t sure. “I want to really put it out there, really talk about it to raise awareness,” says Lori-Anne. “As a woman over 40, I want to see and feel positive changes in my skin, and I want to know my product choices make a difference.”

Raising ethical awareness was only part of the equation. Starting off working in a spa, Lori-Anne loved the atmosphere and healing qualities of the experience, but wanted the undeniable results she experienced in the medical skincare industry. “I want the best of both worlds: Medical-grade results combined with the nourishing of the mind, body and soul the spa experience brings,” says Lori-Anne, who is also trained in Reiki healing.

Combining powerful ingredients with an abundance of antioxidants such as Sea Kelp, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Retinyl Palmitate, Resveratrol with Phospholipids, and proprietary blends of Peptides, acts as a superfood for the skin to enhance dermal volume, stimulate cellular renewal, and calm inflamed skin. Using advanced science combined with the actives from proven potent botanicals creates a serious anti-aging skin therapy.


The result is Lori-Anne Aesthetics, a company with a conscience that delivers the amazing results one would expect from a premier anti-aging line, while focusing on plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free practices. “I want the whole experience for the client to be a beautiful and an informative one, something that helps grow awareness and hopefully inspires people to ask: Is what I am purchasing doing harm to other beings? Also, who is it helping?” says Lori-Anne.

Lori-Anne Aesthetics gives a portion of the profit of sales to different animal charities each month.

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